International Teacher and Choreographer of modern

Roberta Fontana is Modern teacher and she gives her classes for professionals dancers in many schools in Europe, America, Asia.

She is recognized as one of the most requested teachers in the world for her style, her passion, her energy and her generously transmitting the emotions and technique of dance. She shares her dance continuously in every continent of the world. with a widely revered and respected reputation.

She is called very frequently to give professional classes and workshop in Italy, in France (Parigi, Marseille, Nice, Nantes,Cannes, Perpignan, Toulouse, Montpellier,Voiron, Clermont-Ferrand,Lyon, Toulon), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Burgos, Ibiza, Mallorca), Germany (Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Monaco, Speyer, Stoccarda, Norimberga, Frankfurt,Bielefeld), Switzerland (Zurich), Poland (Warsavia, Cracovia, Gdnya), Ukraine (Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk), Bielorussian (Minsk), England (London), Greece (Salonicco), Romania (Bucarest), Hungary ( Budapest , Belgium (Liège), England (London).

She called for international event:

2014 and 2015 Tomsk (Siberian) Russia “Arena Festival Tomsk”,

2015 MIAMI (Florida) at the “University Center for the Performing Arts”,

2016 Sao Paolo (BRASIL) for the “VIII Congreso de danza Jazz,

2017 and 2023 Belo Horizonte for the “Simposio de dança”,

2018 TOKYO -Japan (Broadway Dance Center),

2019 she was called to participate and give her classes in the event “Choreographer International Festival” – C-MAP in Davao – PHILIPPINES,

2019 in Guadeloupe (America) for a workshop in the Espace Dance Wargnier,

2021/2022/2023 Réunion Island for International Workshop.

She is present in numerous prestigious juries for competitions in Italy and Europe such as DANCE WORLD CUP SPAIN, BUCHAREST DANCE FESTIVAL, CONCOURS EUROPEAN DE DANSE PARIS, CONCOUR INTERNATIONAL DE CANNES, CONCOUR DES JEUNES CHOREOGRAPHES MILLAU (France), INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION IN KIEV (Ukraine), ARENA FESTIVAL TOMSK (Siberia), SIMPOSIO INTERNACIONAL DE DANÇA (Brasil), Budapest Dance Festival 2019, Cantabrico Dance Festival 2019 Asturias (Spain) … and many others.

She taught for many years in “Studio Harmonic” Paris.

She has cooperated with the Centro Studi Musical directed by Franco Miseria and with the Maison de la danse directed by Denys Ganio.

The musical interpretation is the element basic of her style that enhances the dynamics,technique and expression of the dancer. As a dance teacher, every day she always keeps on searching new expressions to renew her dancing creations.

Born in Rome in 1971. She started studying ballet at the age of 6 years at the National Italian Ballet, completing her studies at the Ballet of Rome, studying with internationally renowned masters (M ° A. Vitale, P. Jorio, F. Bartolomei).

In 1989, she devoted herself entirely to Modern dance.
She is an artistic form in Italy with various teachers, including Roberto Salaorni (of which for many years has been assistant) specializing in Paris (D. Lesdema, Redha, J. Rogers), London (F. Hatchett), New York (Max Stone, S. Taylor).

Her studies outline an eclectic personality that reflected in her extensive artistic career.

As a dancer she is in numerous television productions, including: Domenica In 1990, “Sotto a chi tocca” 1996, Caramba 1998, 1999 and “Campioni di ballo”1999, as a guest, Telethon 2001 2002 2004, Sanremo Rock 2002 and Film “Occhiopinocchio” by F. Nuti 1994.

Her style is housed in the theater , where she manages a full develop its expressive qualities. Her dance is expressed through a rigorous and refined quality of movement.She is called to be part of many companies. Some of her spectacle “Quando c’era il Varietà” (directed by Romolo Siena), 1992-1993, “Beauty and the Beast” (Paris 1994), “Rock Schok” (Paris 1995), Todi Festival 1995 (Bob’s Jazz Dance Group, directed by Roberto Salaorni), “Othello” (directed by L. Petrini) 1996, “Artoons (S. D‘Ettore) 1997.

She is a choreographer of many performances in the theater. She created the choreography for many famous singer, also as a dancer, TV shows, plays, concerts and videoclips.She taught at Centro Studi Musical directed by Franco Miseria and She taught at Maison de la Danse directed by Denis Ganyo in Rome.

In 2009, choreographer and performer of the short video of dance “Alice vuole dire bugie” of Matteo Luchinovich.

In 2011 she creates the choreography for the show “La Nina Mala” and “Suerte”.

In 2012 she creates the choreography for Circo Acquatico Bellucci.

In 2012, it is called as Maitre to give classes in ballet of big companies.

In 2014, choreographer for events FERRARI.

In 2015 she was called to Miami (Florida) for Master Classes and for a creation in the Dance Now! Miami company directed by Diego Salterini and Hanna Baumgarten.

In 2019 it was awarded by the Aragon Dance Festival to bring Italian dance to the world.

2019 – new choreographic creation LA PORTE (conservatory of Nantes – Le pont supérieur)

She currently teaches in Rome at Maison de la Danse, Opificio and IALS.

Modern class starts with a main total warm up, starting from the back, then isolations, pliees and muscolar stretching.
After a complete technical preparation follow diagonals for dynamic movement and modern technique studying with bases derived from ballet. The choreographic part is a full dynamic work, praticing body off-axis and off-balance, fast changes of directions and ampleness of movements, everything strictly “on music”, following harmony and expression, catching the beats, capturing moments full of deep emotions.

Mobile : 338.7341338